Email Verification - No More Bounces!
✓ Check email validity
✓ Verify email existance
✓ Download clean list
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How it works?

Invalid emails entered by users may cause lots of troubles. They bounce. The more bouces you have - the lower your senders reputation becomes. Once you reach the low threashold your emails are getting to the SPAM or your server is blocked. can help you avoid bouncing trouble. We can reduce your bounce rate and make sure you never get blocked !


Upload your list of emails as CSV file, copy/paste, or manual entry one by one. (We also have an API for this !)


We will check email syntax, validity of a domain, and, most important - connect to MX and check if email exists.


Once all done - you can download clean list (keeping your CSV structure!). We also give you extended stats on your list.


If you are interested in any of our services - feel free to contact us!